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Customised Pop Sockets!


Customised Pop Sockets! Customised Pop sockets are small stick-on phone accessory that is one part stand and one part grip with your design mixed in. Here’s why you need one for your phone or tablet. Instead of a practical unsightly ring, a pop socket features a colorful disc that you can customise with your own image or a huge selection of existing designs. And as we all know, having the choice of patterns on your discs is genuinely satisfying. If you have a huge phone–like so many are these days–this makes it a lot easier to hold onto it while [...]

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Pens/Biros Custom pens or biros are products that people use every day and are therefore a great way of enhancing your brand visibility. We offer low minimum order quantities and a lead time of only 2 weeks so your not kept waiting! All of our pens or biros can be customised to your needs. Full colour print, laser engraving or inkjet, we offer all of these options. With our wide range of pen types available, we offer great value without compromising on quality. Need value pens customised with your logo as giveaways? Or would prefer a luxury pen [...]


Find the Perfect Promotional Product!


A promotional product or business gift is a proven way to build a strong market profile and therefore increase customer loyalty. Looking to achieve all of the above? Let us help you choose the perfect promotional product for your business so you can start enhancing you corporate image today! We offer pop sockets, drawstring bags,pens, keyrings and wristbands to name but a few and because of this we are certain you will find the perfect product to best suit your need! Oh and the best part... all of these are fully customisable. Wristbands Multifunctional Headwear Wristband [...]

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Lapel Pins


Lapel Pins Whether you want to show support for causes, affiliation with groups or pride of achievements a custom made pin badge are a perfect choice. They make wonderful gifts or marketing products. A single logo or message included on a lapel and worn by employees helps to strengthen the corporate spirit and show company commitment. The enamel lapel pins offer a touch of class and exclusivity for staff and members of clubs and organisations also. We can advise on the best size and shape to use and create your pin exactly to your liking. Pantone matching is available and we [...]

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Fabric Wristbands


Fabric Wristbands If your looking for ID bands that are secure yet affordable then why not consider a Fabric Wristband? Our Fabric Wristbands are quickly becoming one of our most popular products. Why, you ask? Firstly we have a wide range of fabric wristbands... satin printed, woven and heat transfer fabric wristbands, all of which can be customised to your liking. Secondly, our fabric wristbands are highly secure for admission control. Our woven bespoke fabric wristbands ensure that they are next to impossible to replicate. We also supply a range of locks which makes them virtually impossible to remove. However, we [...]

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Illuminate your Brand!!


Illuminate your Brand with our Mini Keyring Torches !! Light up your brand with promotional LED mini keyring torches from Promotional Products Ireland. Custom made keyring torches are a fun and practical way to illuminate you're business. Looking to reach a vast audience? Then keyrings torches are for you! Whether its men, women or children changing a tyre or rummaging under the bed for that favourite lost toy, mini torches are a great item to have at hand. All of our bespoke mini torches are available to be printed with a logo, brand name or slogan...therefore making them the perfect [...]

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Looking for Bespoke Keyrings?


Keyrings Why not create your very own custom keyrings today and get your business moving!? They are one of the most effective ways of getting your business brand into your customers’ hand, again and again. We offer bespoke keychains in bot PVC and silicone material. They are highly durable, practical so they won't leave a hole in your wallet! We can provide you with promotion keychains in various different styles and themes to match suit your needs! Best of all.. they can be customised in any way you like to include your business logos or designs. Order yours today and [...]

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Neck Warmers (It is Ireland after all!)


Neck Warmers! (It is Ireland after all!) Neck warmers, neck buffs, snoods or neck tubes. They are known by many names. No matter what you call them, our new custom neck gaiters are versatile and multifunctional and they are a great way to promote your club, brand, charity or business. Customised headwear can be worn as a head scarf, cap, balaclava, wristband, headband, hairband.... its uses are many. They are popular accessory for cyclists, horse-riders, skiers, sports players-in fact they can be used for just about any outdoor activity. So why  not promote your brand or club through mobile advertising? [...]

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Custom Lanyards


Get your custom lanyards today! Do you need custom lanyards? Do you have an upcoming event? Perhaps an outdoor event, trade show, exhibition, conference or other marketing campaigns? If your answer is yes then look no further than the wide array offered by us. We provide a range of promotional lanyards that can be printed with your logo, contact details, slogan and other marketing information. All of our lanyards come with a safety break also and optional extras such as ID badges. They are cheap, customizeable and durable. So why not contact us through our free quote system. [...]

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Promotional Product


Deal of The Week! Are you looking for inexpensive giveaways or  the best promotional product? Here you will find items that are perfect for giveaways or those little staff incintives. Our custom items can be used to increase your brand recognition or as merchandise at concerts, events and festivals. Lanyards, keyrings,silicone wristbands or pens. We have no doubt that you will find a suitable token for any occasion. This week we are offering: 500 Custom Silicone Wristbands, 500 Bespoke PVC Keyrings & 500 Full Colour Custom Biros/Pens, ..ALL FOR ONLY €1245, VAT AND DELIVERY INCLUDED!! Contact us for a quote using [...]

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