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Push Pop Its


Push PoP Its Push Pop Its are the fidget spinner of 2021! Ever find yourself or your kids popping the bubble wrap just for fun? Then you'll adore push pop its, the latest craze in Ireland!   This sensory toy is designed to relieve anxiety and stress making it suitable for all ages. The concept is simple. Just press the silicone bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound. Flip it over and start again!   This fidget toy allows you to train your brain by testing your mental arithmetic ability and overall planning ability making it an ideal [...]

Push Pop Its2021-02-24T16:31:59+00:00

Branded Glass Keep Cup


Branded Glass Keep Cup A branded glass keep cup is a must have when it comes to coffee on the go! When you’ve taken the time to make your cup of good java, why not take it with you in the Ecuador Travel Cup and enjoy it on the go? The ingenious double walled design will keep hot or cold drinks at the perfect temperature, while protecting your hands at the same time. The lids silicone insulation guards against spillages so you don't end up wearing your morning cup of coffee instead of drinking it! Customise yours today using laser screen or pad [...]

Branded Glass Keep Cup2021-02-10T10:18:27+00:00

Cycling Neck Buffs


Cycling Neck Buffs Custom cycling neck buffs - created exactly to your liking! If you are a cycling enthusiast you know that winter cycling in Ireland can leave your neck red raw!  Because of that, neck warmers are an essential weapon of winter cycling. Essentially a tube-shaped scarf, our custom polyester neck gaiters can protect everything from your neck up to your nose.  They are also multifunctional! Most options also double up as bandanas and head scarfs! Not only are they perfect for  insulting your neck but they are also good at wicking . This means they allow water vapour to [...]

Cycling Neck Buffs2021-01-05T14:21:28+00:00

Branded Sanitiser Dispenser


Branded Sanitiser Dispenser Encourage good hand hygiene and promote your business with a branded sanitiser dispenser.    94953 WHIDY. Automatic dispenser  ABS and PP automatic soap and disinfectant dispenser Infrared motion sensor with White LED inside the container 330 ml capacity. Includes 4 AAA batteries. Supplied in box. 195 x 123 x 83 mm   Print your logo or company or opt for a plain unbranded option. We will cater to your needs no matter what they may be. The Whidy dispenser can be filled with any Alcohol Hand Sanitiser. It's also refillable so you won't be tied to specific brands of [...]

Branded Sanitiser Dispenser2020-12-22T11:36:59+00:00

UV Sterilizer case


UV Sterilizer Case If you want to take an extra precautions to kill micro organisms on your phones and other personal items, then consider ordering a UV Sterilizer Case. In these challenging times we need all the help we can get! There are 3 wavelengths of UV radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC.  The most used type of equipment is one that is called UV-LED. It allows us to combine different wavelengths of radiation to increase the disinfection effect. In fact, there are several studies stating that the combination of several UV wavelengths is more effective in killing viruses and bacteria than one wavelength [...]

UV Sterilizer case2020-12-10T16:00:54+00:00

Personalised Face Mask


Personalised Face Mask Keep your loved ones, work colleagues and yourself safe and stylish with your very own personalised  face mask. These face coverings can feature any text and/or design of your choice. So your design will be 100% unique and 100% you!     Our Premium Adjustable masks are a type of face covering for consumers. When used in conjunction with relevant public health advice they may reduce the risk spreading viral infections to others.  Barrier Masks are not intended to protect the wearer against viral infection. Your personal face mask will be extremely comfortable to wear as it is made from [...]

Personalised Face Mask2020-12-10T16:02:40+00:00

Eco Friendly Branded Pens


Eco Friendly Branded Pens Eco Friendly branded pens are one of the most perfect promotional giveaways. Companies can really make a big difference to the world  by switching to an environmentally friendly pen. We have launched a new range of Ecological Ball Pens.   Wheat Pens The transformation of the stems that are left after the wheat harvest allows the creation of a material that gives rise to very resistant products. After their long life cycle, these products can be sent for composting. Camila Ball Pen Devin Ball Pen Terry Ball Pens   Bamboo Pens Bamboo is completely biodegradable. Choosing [...]

Eco Friendly Branded Pens2020-10-07T10:35:41+00:00

Own Brand Hand Sanitiser


Own Brand Hand Sanitiser Protect your staff and clients from covid 19 with your own brand hand sanitiser. Keep germs at bay with our new hand sanitiser sprays.  Coming in 2 different bottle sizes- the 50ml sanitising spray will fit perfectly in your pocket for those quick sprays , while the 100ml can be kept in your bag, desk or car.  The high 75% alcohol content is strong enough to remove 99% of bacteria. These spray bottles can come custom branded with bespoke stickers, pad printing or digital uv print. No need for branding? No worries! They can be delivered as [...]

Own Brand Hand Sanitiser2020-09-15T15:10:23+00:00

Personalised Face Masks


Personalised Face Masks Designed By You! Personalised face masks are in high demand at present. So why not make a fashion statement and promote your business. Ditch the clinical look and create a personalised face mask with your own design. Made from polyester and cotton to allow for comfort as well as style. For safety purposes we  would advise that you wash your custom face mask before use. These masks can be washed at up to 60°C to keep your mask hygienic.   Wearing Face Masks Always wash your face covering prior's to use and avoid touching your face. When putting on [...]

Personalised Face Masks2020-09-15T11:02:30+00:00

Branded Antibacterial Pens


Branded Antibacterial Pens Branded Antibacterial Pens will help keep your staff and clients safe and well in these challenging times. These newly created Antibacterial Pens are formulated with an antimicrobial additive that fights against the growth and transmission of over 99% of bacteria. The additive is moulded into all outer plastic parts of the pen. So as soon as the pen comes into contact with microbes, it begins a process that essentially destroys bacteria, therefore protecting the pen users from potentially threatening microbes. Chaplin Antibacterial Pen Decorated with our full-colour 360 wrap foil (Simplicolour technology ) and offered with Black Eversmooth [...]

Branded Antibacterial Pens2020-08-13T10:50:48+00:00