Branded Antibacterial Pens

Branded Antibacterial Pens will help keep your staff and clients safe and well in these challenging times.

These newly created Antibacterial Pens are formulated with an antimicrobial additive that fights against the growth and transmission of over 99% of bacteria. The additive is moulded into all outer plastic parts of the pen. So as soon as the pen comes into contact with microbes, it begins a process that essentially destroys bacteria, therefore protecting the pen users from potentially threatening microbes.

Chaplin Antibacterial Pen

branded antibacterial pen Decorated with our full-colour 360 wrap foil (Simplicolour technology ) and offered with Black Eversmooth Ink. This retractable ballpoint pen is a great addition to any business focused on safety and hygienically conscious environments.

Colours: Available in White, Black, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Light Blue

antibacterial biros



Imprint Area (mm): Safe Area: 77 x 38 mm – Imprint Area: 80 x 40mm

MOQ: 250


Astaire Antibacterial Pen

Printed antibacterial Pen Ireland

Decorated with our full-color 360 wrap foil so almost any design is possible. With Eversmooth Black Ink, this retractable ballpoint is a great addition to any business.

Colours: Available in White, Black, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Light Blue


Imprint Area (mm): Safe Area: 100 x 28.6 mm – Imprint Area: 104 x 30mm

MOQ: 250


These pens are ideal for use in environments where pens change hands frequently, such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants.


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