Branded Calendars

Branded Calendars offer a whole year of repeated brand exposure, therefore ensuring maximum brand recognition among consumers.

Check out some of our New Calendar range below!

personalised calendar

  Calendar-Pod Wiro Tab


Calendar Pod Mini

bespoke desk calendars ireland

Calener-Pod Wiro Deluxe

Smart Calendar Maxi – Wall


Smart Calendar Economy Wall


Why choose bespoke calendars for your business?

They’re practical

The majority of people have at least one calendar at home or at their place of work. Giving customers promotional products that they will see on a regular basis is a great idea. Other paper items get thrown away while a free calendar will actually be hung up. So clients will see your logo or business brand daily, therefore furthering the relationship they have with the company!

They’re cost-effective

A calendar can include important corporate events, therefore expanding marketing attempts without going way over budget. Custom calendars with your promotional imprint will keep your brand in front of your clients for a full 12 months. So if broken down over time, the cost is next to nothing, but the investment is long lasting!

Complete control over your message!

Consider the tone of your message when it comes to conveying your company’s services. Want to be funny? Perhaps include a joke. How about sentimental? Want to keep it strictly professional? Advertise your services, customer reviews and products. No matter what you are want to communicate, it will be near your target audience on a daily basis.


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