Branded Face Masks

Wearing plain or branded face masks will help to reduce the distance that covid carrying droplets can travel. Therefore enhancing the effects of social distancing and lowering the risk of spreading COVID 19.

So if your looking to keep your staff safe while wearing your brand or opt for a plain design we have you covered!


Choose from our 2 styles available.


Premium Adjustable Ear loop Face Mask (MOQ 100- Custom)

Double Layer Cotton/Polyester Material

Adjustable Ear Loop and Nose Bar

PM 2.5 Filter Available on request

Washable at 60º

Available plain or branded

branded face masksbranded face masks


Non Adjustable Reusable Face Masks (MOQ – 30 Custom)

Double Layer Cotton/Polyester Material

No filter

Washable at 60º

Available plain or branded


double layer mask


How many face masks do I need?

Having at least 2 masks will allow you to have a fresh mask on hand if one is in the wash.

When is it safe to remove my mask?

Continue wearing your mask until have finished your outing to the shops, work or appointment. Remove your face covering once you are no longer in close proximity to others. However if you remove your mask when you return home you can pop it safely into the wash basket and therefore reducing the risk of contamination.

How often should I wash my mask?

We recommend that you clean your mask after every wearing at 60º. This reduces the risk of spreading the coronavirus or other germs.


We all need to play our part in the fight against COVID 19. Play your part.. wear a face mask!

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