Branded Sanitiser Dispenser

Encourage good hand hygiene and promote your business with a branded sanitiser dispenser. 


94953 WHIDY. Automatic dispenser

 ABS and PP automatic soap and disinfectant dispenser

Infrared motion sensor with

White LED inside the container

330 ml capacity.

Includes 4 AAA batteries.

Supplied in box. 195 x 123 x 83 mm



Print your logo or company or opt for a plain unbranded option. We will cater to your needs no matter what they may be.

The Whidy dispenser can be filled with any Alcohol Hand Sanitiser. It’s also refillable so you won’t be tied to specific brands of expensive cartridges & refills.

Best of all! The Whidy controls the amount of sanitiser dispensed!


How to use a branded hand sanitiser dispenser.

  1. Place your hand underneath the dispenser
  2. Motion Activated. Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is dispensed when hands are placed under the device.
  3. Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of both hands. Make sure to include between your finger, around your fingertips and nails and wrists.
  4. Try to rub your hands for 30 second to allow the sanitiser to absorb and dry.


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