Why Choose Custom Pin Badges?

Custom pin badges have grown in demand in recent years.  More and more people are choosing to wear them. Politicians, celebrities, charity workers and organisations all wear pins.

It’s hard to show off your personality in your office suit, theres no doubt about it. Like custom cuff links (also available to order), custom lapel pins are an easy way to show off your style and personality. Pin badges are continuing to rise in popularity and there are numerous businesses creating their very own custom badge every day!

Below is a custom lapel pin we recently created for Cavan County Council.

This is a nickel plated stainless steel lapel pin with full colour cmyk print and sheen finish. We advised our customer that this was the best choice for their design in terms of creation and lead time. We managed to create and deliver these pins in record time of under 2 weeks!

custom pin badges

We offer both iron stamped and stainless steel lapel pins ranging from 20 to 40mm in size. Choose from gold or nickel plating and a metal or rubber clasp. They usually take about 3 weeks to make and deliver, but we always strive to have all good produced in the fastest time possible!