Cycling Neck Buffs

Custom cycling neck buffs – created exactly to your liking!

cycling neck tubes

If you are a cycling enthusiast you know that winter cycling in Ireland can leave your neck red raw!  Because of that, neck warmers are an essential weapon of winter cycling.

Essentially a tube-shaped scarf, our custom polyester neck gaiters can protect everything from your neck up to your nose.  They are also multifunctional! Most options also double up as bandanas and head scarfs!

Not only are they perfect for  insulting your neck but they are also good at wicking . This means they allow water vapour to escape. When worn over the mouth, they will also help protect your lungs against the bitter cold air. So you won’t be left wheezing and coughing after your ride.

All cyclists like to travel as light a possible. Our neck tubes fit perfectly in your back pocket.

Made from 100% polyester material, they allow for quick drying and better size fits all.

The majority of our cycling neck buffs are digitally printed so any design is possible. We can pantone match any colour so your neck tube will be exactly to your liking!

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