Cycling Neck Tubes

Cycling neck tubes are actually an essential weapon in the cyclist’s war against winter.

These versatile cycling must haves  provide an extra layer of protection against the harsh Irish elements that can keep not just your neck warm, but also your chin, nose, cheeks and ears, too.

It will also help to protect your lungs (when worn over your mouth) by providing an added layer to breathe through that will take the edge off icy air.




cycling neck tubes

Printed Neck warmers

Neck gaiters need to be not just good at insulating your neck, but also good at wicking (allowing water vapour to escape). Our custom design neck buffs are specially design to move moisture away from the body.

One size fits all so they are perfect for all ages! They have good stretchable fit for maximum comfort. They are light weight and compact so they will fit into the back of a gilet with ease.

We can customise our neck warmers with almost any design! We can pantone match any colour necessary too, so we can replicate your club logo to a T!

Neck tubes are an extremely budget friendly promotional product that will leave your members feeling valued.


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