Eco Friendly Branded Pens

Eco Friendly branded pens are one of the most perfect promotional giveaways. Companies can really make a big difference to the world  by switching to an environmentally friendly pen.

We have launched a new range of Ecological Ball Pens.


Wheat Pens

The transformation of the stems that are left after the wheat harvest allows the creation of a material that gives rise to very resistant products. After their long life cycle, these products can be sent for composting.

eco friendly branded pens

Camila Ball Pen

eco friendly pens ireland

Devin Ball Pen

eco pens branded

Terry Ball Pens


Bamboo Pens

Bamboo is completely biodegradable. Choosing bamboo would show that you care about the environment but also offer a more stylish pen.

Printed Bamboo Pens

Pati Ball Pen

Hera Ball Pe



Recycled PET Pen

Recycled PET results from the transformation of already used plastic packaging, suchas bottles. By reusing plastic,

it is possible to create new products, also recyclable.


HYDRA. Ball pen


We spend a large part of our time working and if we can bring our sustainable commitment to the office, the planet will win. Surround yourself with practical, useful and functional objects that, at the same time, are a sign of a more ecological attitude.

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