Eco Umbrellas

Stay dry with your very own custom eco umbrellas – I mean, it is Ireland after all!

In this beautiful country of ours theres always something falling from the sky! Whether it’s rain, hail, sleet or snow so you should always have an umbrella nearby. It’s well worth investing in a durable brolly that is made to last.  

Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes but a low quality umbrella will inevitably break as soon as a strong gale hits. 

Our advice… choose a high quality umbrella that is wind resistant and perhaps even storm resistant. While your at it, why not make it environmentally friendly and customised with your brand! Not only will you be reducing your companies carbon footprint but your brand will get maximum exposure as the streets become awash with umbrellas during the autumn and winter months.

Below are some of our most popular eco friendly options available. 

EcoVent – 5ECV




Spectrum Sport ECO – 1SPE




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