Customised Pop Sockets!

Customised Pop sockets are small stick-on phone accessory that is one part stand and one part grip with your design mixed in. Here’s why you need one for your phone or tablet.

Instead of a practical unsightly ring, a pop socket features a colorful disc that you can customise with your own image or a huge selection of existing designs. And as we all know, having the choice of patterns on your discs is genuinely satisfying.

If you have a huge phone–like so many are these days–this makes it a lot easier to hold onto it while using your thumb to type. You can also use your pop socket as a stand. Without changing its position at all, you can lay your phone down on a desk or table and it will be propped up at an angle so you can watch a video or see your notifications with ease.


Lastly, they are such an inexpensive product!! You won’t break your phone and you won’t break the bank!!

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