Personalised Face Masks Designed By You!

Personalised face masks are in high demand at present. So why not make a fashion statement and promote your business. Ditch the clinical look and create a personalised face mask with your own design. Made from polyester and cotton to allow for comfort as well as style.

For safety purposes we  would advise that you wash your custom face mask before use. These masks can be washed at up to 60°C to keep your mask hygienic.

personalised face masks Personalise face masks


Wearing Face Masks

  1. Always wash your face covering prior’s to use and avoid touching your face.
  2. When putting on your face mask, hold it over your nose and mouth with clean hands, pull the adjustable straps around your ears and secure underneath your chin.
  3. Adjust it ensuring your nose, mouth and chin are completely covered.
  4. Pinch the nose wire for the perfect fit.
  5. When removing your mask remove the straps from your ears and pull the mask away from your face. Avoid touching the front of your mask, as it may be contaminated. Wash your mask after each use. Make sure to wash your hands too!

Wash your mask each time you use it for the best hygiene. As they come in packs of 2 or 4 individual designs, you can wear a different one each day for a stylish new look. They’re machine washable (up to 60 degrees) but please avoid tumble drying to ensure the highest long-lasting quality.

Please note: These washable face masks are NOT medical-grade masks (which are recommended by WHO) Wearing a face covering reduces the risk of spreading Covid 19 but does not eliminate the risk completely.

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