Pop Socket Grips

For years Pop Socket Grips have been written off as an unnecessary fad. Many believed the hype was unwarranted. How hard could it possibly be to hold your phone?

Within a week of using one of our custom made pop sockets, our customers often wondered how they ever managed without one!

So what is a pop socket and why should you choose to purchase some custom ones today?

  • It allows you to hold your phone more steadily while scrolling through social media or reading messages.
  • The pop socket literally pops out to create the perfect stand for your phone so you can Netflix and chill at ease!
  • Say goodbye to cracked screens as the pop socket allows you to firmly hold your phone without the constant fear or loosing your grip
  • They are also the perfect accessory to wrap you headphones around when not in use.

Fancy purchasing one yet?

Contact us for a quote. We can customise your pop socket with any design you want in full colour print!

  • MOQ – 100
  • Lead Time – 10 – 14 days
  • Stems available in white or black