Promotional Swag

Let’s admit it: after an attending an event, you’ve left more than one swag bag behind . Maybe you’ve contemplated giving up on the idea of free promo bags at your own events altogether. But swag bags are something that businesses just can’t seem to go without. So we’ve created a guide to help you put together the perfect one! These tips will keep attendees think of your company long after the event:

1. Make it relevant

Target the attendees specific interests. What would they want/like/use? Cater to their interests. If it’s a teen event perhaps include a phone Branded Pop Socket  (perfect for capturing the perfect selfie)

order branded pop sockets

2. Splash Out for Quality

Great swag is high quality. The quality of your swag reflects on your business. So if your going to give out a branded Hat, make sure it’s made from high quality material and is well designed.  If you’re going to give out a tote bag, consider a well-designed durable tote bag you would be proud to use on a daily basis.


3. Keep It Light

Remember that your potential clients have to carry your goodie bags around all day. Perhaps include small but quality swag like a mini power bank, the perfect gift for Music Festival goers.


4. Choose eco-friendly products

Promotional bags can be criticised as they are often eco-unfriendly. A branded keep cup is a perfect choice for any swag bag! Not only is it eco friendly but it is lightweight, practical and suitable for all ages.

reusable branded keep cups