Tyvek PaperWristbands

Tyvek paper wristbands (also known as event wristbands) are perfect for admission control at events, personal pates and nightclubs. They are an economic solution and can be customised quickly, yet when printed are extremely difficult to copy and can only be removed when torn. Our paper wristbands are available in an array of colours  including our most popular red, blue, yellow and neon pink. Choose from plain stock or create your own fully personalised wristbands.

Plain Wristbands

Our range of plain stock wristbands come in 19mm size as standard. However 25mm size wristbands can be ordered on demand also.  All of our plain range come with sequential numbering making them perfect for crowd control.




Printed Tyvek Paper Wristbands

Printed Paper Wristbands are a popular choice amongst several large event organisers. They are perfect for events held in larger venues where entry to certain areas are prohibited or kept for VIPs only. They can also be used as a form of ID for attendees at your events.

tyvek event wristbands



Whatever your needs, our sales team have the expertise to guide you towards the best identification solution for your event. 

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